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A Island Paradise with stinting beaches, crystal clear water perfect for underwater experience,  with over 300 islands, its traditions and culture to experience, villages, fabulous resorts and  company the most friendliest people in the world. 

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Enjoy the Mudpools in Fiji
Enjoy the Mudpools in Fiji

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Mudpool - one of the highlight site or activites of Nadi and Fiji holidays. Get dirty without a hassle and relies the stress out  of your body into  hot natural pools.
On Site
There are 5 pools in total on site. Firstly is the hotspring source pool (water is  belived about 100 degrees hot) , these is from where  the water is being channeled to the other pools. Second pool , is the mud pool itself- at this mudpool,  there will be a bucket of mud and you are to cake yourselves with mud and let the mud  dry up , before to raise off the the  actual  Mud-Pool.
Other 3 pools are thermal pools with different body temperatures.
Add On to it - there is also option for massage by locals on extra cost.
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We also have customize  trips with other site together with mudpool , Personalized Tours or groups
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Garden Of The Sleeping Giant
Garden Of The Sleeping Giant

 Garden Of The Sleeping Giant

When your in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant ! it is very natural unfolds of valley, simple , interesting and relaxing to just way inside rainforest . Peaceful -as the Giant in Sleeping!!

There are lilies ponds, wide  range of orchid display and a tropical jungle.
A must visit tour of Fiji. Visitors here are welcome to explore on their own or if asked , with garden guides. Refreshing  fruit drinks are  complimentary .

Tours the Sri Siva Subramaniya - swami temple

Let us tour you to one of the largest temple and the most rare architecture filled with colors, wonderful carving and statues.

Fijian Culture , Traditions & Customs- Experience local daily living

Fiji is simple , beautiful and traditional , And so  the local live style. Visit a modern living modern or go  in the epic interior village , and experience the culture , school and  lifestyle in a actual Fijian village. Talk and walk like a local , see and explore the untouched.

Choose The Village To Visit:

Veiseisei Village- These is where the first Fijians  arrivined nto Fiji, landed off into the mainland. Now Fiji's most busy and popular modern village .Near this village their is a Kindergarden and primary school but due the current Covid-19 Potocols and safety, guests and visitors are not allowed inside the class.

Lawai Pottery Making Village :   This village is on the coral coast which depends  on their pottery making skills for income. Guest visiting this village has a very fun and entertained  time since this village is very welcoming , friendly , shows traditional singing and dancing, pottery making demonstrations selling potteries  from to tourists and locals at the village.

Navala Village :  Navala Is the actual traditional village of Fiji. Located in between mountains of Ba, where the natives depend on the mother nature for food , income and daily living. This village is very special because of its thatched buildings and its traditional architectural design which is about 200 years old.Come on the tour with us  and learn about the history and culture, swim at river side  and meet the locals.

Abaca Hiking and Village


If you are looking to do hiking , then abaca is the best site for hikes and village visit.

Book Sabeto Zipline Tour 

Have a chance to fly through the rainforest and over the magical  waterfalls.
Enjoy a 7 lines zipline  or unlimited with pick up and drop off from your accommodation . 

Jungle safari and waterfall  are  also so site :

Price and customize tour are available

Horse Riding services  are available to the waterfall with estimated cost of FJD40 .

Book Waterfall Day Tour

Take tour with us for best photo moments and snokeling
Take tour with us for best photo moments and snokeling

Mauvi  Bay Jetty 

This  jetty was build is the production of a Bollywood Movie which was shoot here in our beautiful Fiji Island. Since  Then this area  is being preserved and marine eco system is being preserved from over fishing , net fishing  but  surely a beautiful place for selfie moments snorkeling,  picnic and swimming.

Even lay lazy at the Fijian Hut  over the water  ! You on Fiji Time

Customize your day tour with any other  coral coast site or just visit  the mauvi bay jetty 

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Snorkel , Surf , Swim or just chill and relax  on the white sandy beach.

Natadola beach

Natadola Beach is considered as one of the best beaches in fiji's Main land . With three resorts located at the beach shore and locals providing horse riding services, hair braiding , massages, cave visits trips and  as much as snokell gears and surf board hires.

Drop In Your Date to Visit This Beach !
We will send our best team for pick up and tour to the magnificent  Place In Paradise.

Island Day Cruises

Visit an island for a full - day or half-day with inclusion of meal . Relax and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving , kayaking and more.  

Fiji Airport Shuttle

Simple, Fast & Safe !

We specialize in Airport, Hotel and Resort transfers. In fact, we can transfer you everywhere here in fiji, with the aim of providing best, safe and reliable transfer services for our guests.


Discover Fiji in a Iconic Way with Iconic Tours Fiji 

Welcome to Iconic Tours Fiji!

This a bit of our story from the start 
We are Sunny & Preti ( founder of Iconic Tours Fiji)

Starting life after finishing  school , no work and the pressure of family members, newly into this "couple"stage  of life ,our struggle in finding a proper work, life brought us on  the streets Of Nadi Town  ..

With our  the ability ,self confidence and fear to be apart ,also taking something back to home for the Family. We  managed  to show visitors  which we meet on the streets in budgets   ,the sights of Fiji and keeping in our mind to make the travellers trip worth  and enjoyable. 

In 2015,  years experience in the local tourism industry , understanding overseas people and family  and exploring Fiji's dazzling places with best travel ways and ideas for visitors, getting together the best locals guides we have established Iconic Tours Fiji.  

Now Iconic tours team is here for you with best service, ideas and options for visitors in Fiji to match all your Fiji to do list, expectations and for you to return home with a "BULA SMILE" and remembrance of the best visit of "Paradise".

We are thrilled to offer your  some of top-notch tour packages considering budget , time and Transfers,  must visit sights trips . 

After all its your Holiday ! We will go your way and make it the best!


Lot's  to do , adventure & fun -  we can assist you plan your days. 
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